Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A short trip to SLC

On 17 th June we took Sarah to Primary
Children's Hospital very early in the morning,
Ashlyn went with us, since she would have
been with us for the day. Sarah had her
pacemaker removed. After she was feeling
better, we had a short tour at Temple Square
and then had lunch at the Ole Spaghetti Factory
before we returned to Provo. So this is another
thing that happened in the month of June.
We certainly tried to fill up the month of
June with lots of different activities. We also
helped Sarah move out of her apartment after
Spring Term was over and took her to the
airport, to fly to AZ. for a weeks visit with
Robert, Amanda, and Hannah, Aunt T.,
Grandpa and Grandma Hasty. She is now in
Sandpoint, Idaho for the remainder of the

More Zion's Park

The Alter and the Pulpit

Weeping Rock

A 'Grosebeak' that sat and let me take its

The shuttle we rode to see the sites up the

The first tunnel we went through.

Zion's National Park - celebrating 100 years

The Great White Throne

The Court of the Patriarchs

A 'view', with the red road (a trademark of Zion's)

The Checkerboard Mesa

The entrance sign, which was to be the first
picture, I still don't know how to do this
very well!

June was also our 49th anniversary (on the 24th), so we got up and
decided to run away for a couple of days. We took off and drove to
Mt. Pleasant and had lunch, drove to Ephriam and roamed around,
then to Manti for a little more roaming, I had to check out a couple of
craft places. Then we drove on down to Mt. Carmel Junction for the

Oquirrah Mountain Temple Open House

Another June activity, was going to tour the
Oquirrah Mounntain Temple, during the open
house. It was beautiful, as they all are in their own
special way. Sam, Jen, Ashlyn and Sarah went
with us (or rather we all went with Sam-he drove)
so Grandpa and I had a restful ride once again.